Problem networking Desktop + Laptop

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    Problem networking Desktop + Laptop
    Problem: Desktop can access laptop. Laptop cannot access desktop. Whether both are hard wired into the router, or just the desktop is.

    What I can do so far: Oddly enough, after going into the Network sharing center and turning off all PUBLIC sharing options, I was finally able to open Network and see my computer and open it up but once I get to the folders (Video which is a share, and Users which is a generic folder that shows up), I can only access "Users" which does not include my main admin user. Also, video share is set to security permissions for "Everyone" to do "Anything"

    OS's: Windows 7 64bit Professional on both

    Other things I've tried:

    - Made sure TCP/IP was enabled and File Sharing was enabled.
    - Went into Sharing center and set Home and Work settings to "Turn on Network Discovery", Turn on File and Printer Sharing, Turn off public folder sharing (I've tried on..), 128 bit encryption, turn on password protected sharing (also tried off).
    - Even if I try \\computername\c$ I get a prompt for username and password but it does not work from laptop to desktop, only vice versa.

    Next thing i'm thinking of trying is homegroups. Any other ideas?

    UPDATE Wow.. this is so weird. Tried the homegroup thing and it wasn't working out. I left the homegroup, disabled homegroup services on both computers. Went into the home and work advanced sharing settings and set it to:

    ON -> ON -> ON -> Streaming off -> 40-56 bit encryption -> OFF -> Use user accounts

    for both computers. Now my laptop can access my desktop, but NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!?

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