Problem on Firewall Windows 7


I am trying to make a network between two machines. One is set with Windows 7 and other with Linux.

When I make a Ping from Windows to Linux it works ok, in other hand from Linux to Windows it doesn't work.

I set the Windows Firewall Down and the Ping from Linux to Windows worked good, but I don't want to let the Firewall off.

So, I was trying to make a rule for the firewall let the machine (Linux) does everything it wants, but it doesnt work.

It seems like the role is not created. The Windows doesnt show any difference.

I set a entry personal rule, and set every ports free for the IP

Is it write?

Thanks in advance.

Way to disable for ip

But, there isn't a way to disable the firewall just for this IP??

Is it a 7 firewall's bug ??


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I not sure as I use Firewall Plus.

I use Windows as the operating system, but don't use a single Microsoft application.

I use freeware and open source applications.

Sweet Irony :p

So Do I... I really don't use Windows OS but now I need to make these two Machines talk to each other..

I will give it a try, but I still would like to know if it is a windows firewall bug or I am not doing right...

Guys if you make home profile for your network you will be able to ping. 2dly whenj creating a rule make sure that you applying that rule for proper profile in whick your network blongs.

i had the same issue and ran across this on the net,

"Anyway, here is how I enabled ping response in Windows 7:

Control Panel --> System and security --> Windows Firewall --> Advanced settings --> Inbound rules --> New rule --> custom rule

in Protocol and ports: Protocol: ICMPv4

on the same panel go to customize, choose "Specific ICMP types", check the box "echo request"

The rest is trivial; go to next... next... and save it."

I have no problem pinging 7 now. Good Luck

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