Problem on startup

When I turn on the computer I have:
CMOS Checksum Bad

Press F2 to Run SETUP
Press F1 to load default values and

So when i chose: F2

there is a black screen: "Wait..."

so i'm wating...(2 Hours) But nothing happens.

I took out the battery for the BIOS
and after 1 hour i put it back.
This action did not change anything.

when im pressing "del" nothing happens.
Each option gets stuck:confused:

i just connected my wacom bamboo pen to the computer, and after the restart my computer offers options.

i can do something to fix it?


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Most motherboards have a pin to reset the bios. Just taking out the battery may not do it. Do you see a jumper on the motherboard, designed for that purpose?

Could the motherboard be old enough to need a new battery?

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