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I apologize for the fairly skimpy information I'm able to supply, but this is coming from a friend who is not too savvy with computers.

Prior to a few days ago, when she opened a .pdf attachment sent in an email, it opened fine. Now, when she tries opening a .pdf file, she gets a couple of pop-up boxes that say the following -

Select the encoding that makes your document readable.

o Windows default
o Ms-DOS
o Other encoding

Next to the other encoding box is another box with the following languages:

Wang Taiwan
Western Europe (DOS)
Western Europe (IA5)
Western Europe (Windows)

In addition, she gets the information shown in the attached image. As far as she knows, she has changed nothing that would account for this. Other document formats like .doc and .xls seem to open fine, so I don't know if this is a Windows problem or an Adobe Reader problem, or something else entirely.

Any help greatly appreciated.




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May be a file association problem - easiest solution I'd try first would be download an install the latest pdf reader:

PDF Reader

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