Problem Regarding Windows Media Player 12

Hey, my problem is that, im not sure how i did it but I sometime accidently added System c: drive music library share list thing, so everytime I open wmp12 it loads slow (due to all those sound files in the system of course). Anyway I would be an idiot not to try fix it, so by instinct, I remove it from the 'manage music library' list, but what happens then is it comes up with an error, that say it removed it but cannot stop sharing, which doesnt help at all after a restart. I have tried deleting those files that resets the library but no luck.

Any help?

I don't think system restore would help as i have left it to late, the error says it cannot stop sharing once i deleted c: from the media manager, but the files are still in library, do u think I could reinstall it?

Thanks for that, I will let you know the results If anyone else has this stupid issue.

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It didn't work, but no fuss, I still have some tricks up my sleeve. Thanks for the help.

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