Problem Reinstalling Vista Home Premium - Black Screen Freeze

Greetings All,

Any help that you might give is greatly appreciated.

I attempted to reinstall Vista Home Premium on a Dell Inspiron 1720.

  • I did the normal backup of materials, and then put in the disc, instructing it to do a full wipe and then a reinstall.
  • It said that it would reboot a few times in the process, and to leave it alone. I started the process and then left home.
  • When I got home, it was on a black screen, with a white mouse pointer.
  • Nothing responds on the keyboard except to use the power button.
  • When I attempt to reboot, it gives me the instructions to use the 'repair your computer' prompt on the Vista install disc.
  • I tried all the options on that, including a scan that took hours, all to no use.
  • I've tried the re-do the reinstall 3x now, all to the same result.
  • I got out the diagnostics disc and ran a full diagnostic on the HDD (8 hours), and it passed with flying colors.

Any ideas of what to do next?



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Hi!! Several people tried this and it worked, don't know why........(See Below) Also, people have had problems with hardware. Wireless cards,PCI and other things. After removing them Vista installed perfectly. A driver problem?


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Have a look at the specs in the book. I believe that may be a SATA HD. Did you have the SATA drivers loaded as per the request at the start of the installation?

You have also, as a graphics card, an ATI Radeon Xpress X1270 or Mobile Intel GMA X3100. You could try and obtain the latest drivers. I browsed and could see they were not supported by ATI/AMD so you would probably have to work with Dell on that one. (How old is you Laptop? I think Dell offer a 2 year on site support in most countries)

You must 'Load Drivers' prior to continuing with Vista install (in most cases your SATA controller needs a driver). In other words, boot to your OS disk, and before selecting which partition/disk to install, select 'Load Drivers' and either insert your driver/utility disk (which came with the PC) or custom driver disk to scan. Vista will recognize any applicable drivers it determines necessary to complete install.

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