Problem w/public to private network conversion


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I've got Win7 beta 7100 networking with a public wireless network and a private LAN. I have two network adapters. The wireless network has to be set to obtain an IP automatically. In order to enable Internet access via the wireless network and file sharing via LAN, the IP on the LAN adapter has to be set manually to 192.168.2.x with no default gateway. Remote file sharing should then be routed through the LAN.

However by setting the LAN's IP manually, the network is automatically changed from a private network to a public network. And the hyperlink to change that option in 'Network and Sharing Center' was disabled. Is there a way to address that and get it recognized as a private network?

Also, after setting up the networks, I found that remote file sharing was being routed through the wireless network. Shouldn't the fact that it was set as a public network have automatically disabled any remote file sharing?

To force sharing via the LAN, I ended up changing the order of networks in 'Network Connections > Advanced > Advanced Settings' where I had to move the 'Local Area Network' to the top of the list for first preference where the 'Wireless Network Connection' had been.

I also found that 'File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks' had been enabled when I set it up as a public network during Win7 installation. Shouldn't that have been disabled by default?

Thanks for any feedback
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