Problem with Aero

I downloaded and installed a agp hotfix driver abd Aero ran perfectly but when I restart my computer it does not work and returns to the normal taskbar.
Any help would be much appreciated.




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State the PC specs, as aero will not work reliably on low end gear regardless of "hotfixes" if the hardware isn't up to the job. Also which "Hotfix" was used?

Hello Highwayman.
System spec = Windows 7 enterprise 32bit

Processor. Intel(R)Core(TM)2CPU 4300@1.80GHz(2CPUs)
Memory. 2048 MB RAM
Directx. DirectX 11
Display. ATI Radeon HD3450. Memory 760 mb.
1280 x 960 (32bit)(75Hz)
HP L1706 LCD monitor
main driver. atiu9pag.dll.aticfx32.dllatiumdag.dll
driver model. WDDM 1.1


I have just downloaded and installed this again and aero is working fine and and Aero detection shows no problems.
As soon as I restart my computer aero disappears and the taskbar reverts to normal.

Hope this helps.



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ok try install the hotfix froma right click and run as Admin mode... see if it stays working after reboot.

sorry tried that but no luck, it also knocks out the catalyst Control Center as well.


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I read a while back that one of the quirks of Aero is that is can sometime fail simply because you havent re-generated the windows index scores after applying a update.... longshot but might be that. Sadly as I'm new to Ati (as of about 3 weeks ago, was Nvidia only for last 8 years or so) I don't know much about the ins & outs of the infamous Ati driver issues.

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