Problem with Battery Meter and also weird startup screen?

I have been having a weird issue with Windows 7 as of late...

I got a new laptop and everything has been working perfectly, but for some reason now the battery meter doesn't come up on my computer. I can't figure it out, and when I go into the customize screen for the toolbar, it shows the battery on there, and that it "shows icon and notifications" but it's just not there. I had this problem for Norton on my home computer, where Norton would be running, and had it selected to show the icon and notifications, but now they're gone.

Also, on startup, there's a weird glitchy screen thing that happens on my computer. It's almost as if someone's hitting a CRT monitor, and you get all the weird distortion. That's pretty much how it is when the Windows logo flies in and it says it's starting windows 7. Any help?


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