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    My laptop has only one partition (c) and vista is preinstalled on that drive.
    Some times back I tried to repartition (shrink) the existing drive to two drives. But I could not do because of the CHKDSK problem.
    Now I tried to take a Complete PC Bbackup but it asked me to perform ChcheckDisk before that.
    I tried to run CHKDSK but got a message for Schedule disk check the next time when the system restarts as the drive is currently in use. I clicked to schedule disk check and restarted the machine but after restarting I didn't find anything (no scan disk or check disk) and it starts normally as before. I tried 2-3 times. But the same error is coming again and again.
    I don't what is the problem. If any one can help me fixing this problem then I will be greatful to him/her.
    Is there any other way by which I can know abt chkdsk status.
    Btw I bought this Lenovo laptop 2-3 months back and Vista was preinstalled on it with only one drive (80 GB) .
    Due to some problem with chkdsk neither i was able to perform Shrink nor I am able to take a Complete PC Backup.

    If any body can provide me any useful inoformation then i will be greatful.


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