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I've read through several forums trying to fix my chkdsk issue to no avail. Here is my situation and what I've done so far:

When I would start my computer a black screen saying that my hard drive was going to fail soon would load before start up. When windows loaded I was in C: properties and I scheduled a disk check. Then I got a new hard drive. Now chkdsk runs at every boot of my computer. If I cancel it, it freezes on the screen "chkdsk has been canceled" and doesn't boot windows. If I let it run, it finishes, tells me there are no errors and then still doesn't boot windows. I have to do several hard resets before it lets me load from last good configuration.
Then, from what I read online, I went into my registry to the bootexecutive and changed it so it reads "autocheck autochk *". I reset my computer and the chkdsk option came up again at boot and froze in the same manner.
Then, I went into commandprompt, queried my drive C, it came back clean, I also queried my drive E, it was also clean.
I have absolutely no idea what to do next. I would greatly appreciate some knowledgeable help.

Win+R -> REGEDIT -> OK

In Regedit path to...

If CHKDSK is listed there, simply delete it.

Second try, also in regedit

If it's in there nuke it.

Now reboot and see what happens....

You did install Windows onto the new hard drive, right? Just making sure. =P

To me, it doesn't sound like CHKDSK is the problem. It sounds like whatever happens after CHKDSK is locking up.

Thank you for the responses.

-Yes I have installed windows on my new drives

- I do not see CHKDSK in either of the file paths suggested

window2.png window1.png

- Windows is having a scheduled update so I guess when the computer restarts I'll see if there has been a change. I haven't changed anything since I first started this thread so I doubt it but thank you for your ideas thus far.

Boot to safe mode. Open an elevated command prompt. Type chkdsk /r then press enter. Let it run through it's process after following instructions.

This will hopefully reset the flag for you.


Microsoft has never released info to where the flag is, or "dirty bit" - There is only one sure way to fix this with 100% certainty (besides a clean format and losing data with clean install.)

Use some Linux live disc to copy the entire contents of the drive to another location. Format the problem (new) drive fresh. Move all files back. You'll have to pay attention to the 100 MB system partition with the boot files as well, if you have that.

You can move everything back to one partition instead, if you do have it to being with. Then though, you will have to run a startup repair from the Win 7 DVD to correct the booting issue you'll wind up with. Possibly 2 or even 3 times to get it working again well.

After, you would have no problems and be in the clear.

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thanks for the suggestion torrentg unfortunately when I try to boot to safe mode, the loading windows files gets stuck on CLASSPNP.sys

any ideas for that?

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