problem with computer , wont start , ide drive doesnt exist or all primary partions are occupied

ok so i have a build computer by my dad , it is windows 7 home premium . i wanted to format the computer using the CD that i have which is GIGABYTE 6-quad/ S-series . Ok so i was playing around to see if it could load ( but nothing was loading until it came a point that when i try to start windows 7 it would not start. it would say at the bottom

now when i insert the GIGABYTE(XPRESSRECOVERY2 disc) and it loads a bit then it say
IDE drive doesnt exist or all primary partitions are occupied. i dont know what to do , i did not install anything so why is the windows 7 not loading back up ? i must have pressed a few keys when it was working all well to get the cd to install ( f2 , f8 , f10 , ctrl + f10 i saw it as a post it said it can boot the cd.) <-- thats all i mostly did i dont know whats going on

here is my BIOS info
Integrated peripherals

AND LAST THING . i remember pressing F12 and going into Boot Menu and selecting HARD DRIVE --> now when i selected that i said - select a boot first device . From what i remember there were 2 choices . now that windows 7 wont start up is only one choice which is Bootable Add-in Card <<--- that is the only choice i can select . and i remember selecting something from these 2 choices. NOW WHEN I SELECT BOOTABLE ADD-IN CARD it says disk boot failure, insert system disc and press enter :/// please help

Eeek, you have me confused & ansking more questions than I have answers... I think.

Try it w/ the Boot Order set to CD-ROM 1st
I don't quite get what OS CD you say you are using (???); has to be a bootable image. Try a proper Win7 disc OR burn a Win7 .iso image to DVD & use that.

Bit tough to make out your BIOS settings but, they don't look right; SATA PORT0-3 NATIVE MODE, try ENABLED

I'll re-read your note & see if I can add more to my reply, anon.

Cheers for now,
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If you changed the drive controller the installed OS will not boot. There may be a way to add a driver for it to work, but not sure in this situation.

Your bios settings are particular system and may not be the same for us to know exactly what they mean. But from what you show, The Native Mode being disabled might be something, depending on what the other options are. It looks like you have the AHCI mode enabled for the drives, but the SATA RAID/AHCI mode might also need to be AHCI, depending on whether it is referring to the same controller or another one.

Do you know the motherboard model number so we can check?

ok guys sorry i was using the wrong CD , now just because i used the GIGABYTE cd [ which i thought it was the windows 7 install cd] it screwed up my pc. now my brother found the right cd which is the windows 7 . but now the issue is that it says NO DRIVES WERE FOUND [ i chose the custom installation] [ when i try to install windows 7] lol and what happened to my C:drive withh allll my documents ?? i dont think that GIGA byte errased my c drive ?? and also what setting should i put on bios so i can install windows 7?

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The bios would not normaly be changed, unless you ran some utility that could do that. Do you remember seeing aything like reset bios defaults or anything else that referred to the bios? If it was changed, the settings mentioned might be the cause of your problem.

You might try booting to the CD (DVD?) and select a repair option. From there you can run a Startup Repair that might find your system.

A custom install will probably wipe your drive, so don't do that until you are actually ready to reinstall.

But right now, as Drew states, it is a little hard to determine the exact condition of your system.

i might have pressed , but my question is that when i go to boot menu why does it only say Bootable-add in card ? i remmember there was another thing there besides bootable-add in card . and also i cant install windows 7 now because it says no driver found :/ and i think i messed around with the bios integrated peripherals options . what do u suggest ?

well , i came to a point that i dont care what happens to my old files ... i just want to install windows 7 now . but problem is no driver to select to install :///


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I would suggest, you do as Drew suggests and set the native mode to enabled.

This may fix everything, but as we say, hard to tell given the info you are providing.

There may be a bios setting utility on the CD you were using, or you may have done something there that caused the problems.

ill take a few pictures right now or the screen

Frankly, trying to read between the lines & the fact that you say only that 1 thing is listed in the Boot Order Options

I'd start all over again from scratch. Clean Install. & take the battery out of the M/B for a while & put it back to reset the M/B

I didn't think it should be set to RAID, either.

No wonder I couldn't make sense of things... you were using the M/B drivers disc

Stop struggling... redo the whole thing.


2011-10-28 18.21.32.jpg 2011-10-28 18.21.48.jpg 2011-10-28 18.21.58.jpg 2011-10-28 18.22.18.jpg this is what it looks like , i dont know if they are corrrect so please correct me . tell me what to do

2011-10-28 18.29.26 (1).jpg 2011-10-28 18.29.12.jpg this is how it looks when i try to open the pc without the windows installation disc .

this is what i am up to now .. 2011-10-28 18.45.46.jpg 2011-10-28 18.48.40.jpg

You better get inside the box & check things... very fundamental issue here... your machine thinks it has NO hard drives. Either the HDD has failed or not connected or connected incorrectly.


i have not opened the box , so i dont think anything is connected incorrectly. i might open the box and see what to do. what else do u suggest ??

Tough @ a distance, not hands-on but, it is not 'seeing' any HDDs; not recognizing a hard drive. I'll be back later but, there are other knowledgable folks in this Forum...


in other words , tell me clearly what do you suggest i do ? what should i open ?

Well, I'm trying even though have only a little info & not (my) hands-on:

1. Now you're saying it sit forever @ the 'Starting' screen(???)
2. I can't be certain it's the OS @ fault or hardware or even both.
3. To look @ the BIOS, it appears the HDD is not being recognized.

Now, this is based on there being only 1 HDD in thins thing...

Open the tower & take the HDD out. Hook it up to another (good) computer & see if it shows. Thus we eliminate a failed HDD if it shows. Make sure it spins & sounds healthy, no pops, clicks of grinding noises. Other hardware concerns, of course, are RAM & the Motherboard but, the HDD is the most likely. Somewhere along the way make sure the HDD is properly connected to the M/B to the '0' slot. I strongly recommend formatting the HDD whilst it is out of your (its current) tower. Once it is known that hardware components are ok & tower is buttoned up, again. Using a Win7 disc that you know is good, to a complete, clean, fresh install... what the OS disc calls "Custom Installation". If, it succeeds put in MSE for security & do ALL Microsoft Windows Updates.

GL & keep us updated.

PS: Obviously you are going to need access to another functioning PC & if, this is all beyond you, a Tech may be needed to help you.


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If you can get to the BIOS you might try to select default BIOS settings.

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