Problem with Data Execution Prevention

Hello, My name is Valeri Ivanov. I have a problem with my Windows Vista Home Basic. I have had that problem since i have bought this computer and i would like to solve it.

The problem causes DEP (Data Execution Prevention). I can´t turn it off. I post a picture, so you could see where is the issue. ImageShack - Hosting :: 36756816cr1.jpg

As you can see, i have taken a screen print. You find three red boxes that i have marked.
  • I opened System menu. After that i pressed Advanced system settings button. After that computer asks administrator permission. I am an administrator so i allowed to continue.
  • Opens new window. I press under Performance Settings button.
  • Opens new window. Here is the problem. I can´t press these two buttons that are located up (Turn on DEP... and Turn off DEP...) But down this window you can see a 3. red box. And it says that i must be an administrator to use these settings. But in the 1st window i allready gave an administrator permission.
I want to know how can i turn off DEP. DEP closes most of the programs that i want to use. Even when i want to install a new program, it closes it. I don´t like that and i want to turn it off.

Sorry for my bad English. This is not my mother-tongue. I hope you understood what i said so please help me. When you answer, please use simple words so could understand everything.

PS. I have allready tried to turn DEP that way also: Vista: Disable DEP or NoExecute Protection to fix Explorer Crashing | Microsoft Vista | Tech-Recipes
But it didn´t help.
And i have installed Service Pack 1. It didn´t help also.


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Have you tried turning off the UAC first?
In "Run" type MsConfig
Open the TAB "Tools"
Scrll down to "Disable UAC"
On the bottom right of the window clcik "Launch"
Now try either method of disabling the DEP

Oh my god!!!
That really helped!
Thank you very very very much !!!!!!!!!!

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