Problem with Delegation of a zone (Replay doesn't work)


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I would like please to get your help.
I have a DC(Domain Controller) and I have another server.
I am trying to do delegation (for a zone) from DC to the other server.
IP of my DC=
Of the other server:
After pinging from windows 7 (which is connected to the domain) - I would like to have the replay for the FQDN from the other server -
But unfortunately the results is:
Replay from

Why delegation is not working? why don't I get the replay from -

A video of the problem:

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DNS zone delegation just means the server(s) the zone is delegated are the authoritative DNS servers for that zone. The server you delegated from can still answer queries for that zone since it has the zone data. If the queries need to come from the second DNS server then remove the primary dns server from the list it queries. Provided the primary dns server is a forward from the secondary it can still be queried by the second dns server.