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Windows 7 problem with display driver


New Member
Mar 21, 2009
i installed yesterday on my dell Inspiron 1501 w7 32bit.....
all the dell drivers were working....but the display driver (ATI DRIVER) won't work....it gives me an error that i need to setup a standard VGA adaptor...but the funny thing is that's what i have...a STANDARD VGA..... whaaaaat can i do?pls help... :eek::eek::confused::confused:
I'm just being nosey but
How on earth did you get an ATI card to work with Nvidia drivers - or did I miss something?
hehe it was the idea .... i checked some sites...and i upgraded the driver.... :p
well that very loud LOL does not belong here.... at least the man tried to help and he was THE ONLY one who did....if you are so smart why didn't you write first?
The wording of your follow up was uneccessary.
The loud lol was at your solution to the problem.
I am one of the most active subscribers on these pages, but do not sit waiting for new input, in fact, of late, I have had to turn my activities in other directions. Frankly, I cannot see how your OP was overlooked, by myself or any other subscriber, but I can see there was apparently a two day delay before you had any answer to what was a relatively simple query. For that I would apologise for myself and other subscribers.
I, for one, did not see your original post until after the first response!
(Perhaps "hehe" could have been taken offensively by the helper?)
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