Windows 7 problem with driver for local area connection adapter


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I installed the windows 7 rc build 7100 today. I had everything working fine, and when I came back to my computer 5 hours later, after I had already restarted it multiple times, windows tells me there is no internet connections. I use an ethernet cable to my router. It worked before I left my computer. So, I troubleshooted it and it said there might be a problem with the driver for the local area connection adapter. I am running this on a hp amd athlon 64 processir 3800+ 2.4ghz with 1.0 gb ram on a 32 bit os. My router is made by 2wire, and has worked previously. Anyone know why it won't connect anymore? The cables are plugged in, and everything is the way it was before. How can I fix this?
go to device manager and make sure its reading your ethernet adapter manufacturer. could be a driver issue. I hated using the 2wire routers....but if it was working before its probably still good.
After a few days of this, I finally deduced that this happened after the system went into sleep mode. After disabling sleep mode, I stayed connected for full 48hrs, until I finally rebooted. Here's how to disable sleep mode:

  1. Go to Control Panel - System and Security - Power Options
  2. Click "Change plan settings" (I have the "balanced" radio button selected)
  3. Choose "Never" for "Put the computer to sleep"

Not sure how to fix it, if one wants to maintain in sleep mode, but it's still a fix of sorts.

Thanks for the tip to eliminate the sleep funtion, I too have been having the same problem whenever I went into the sleep mode. I would get the message " reset the local area connection adaptor" Windows diognostic would solve the problem each time but I bought a new computer to get away from these kind of problems with windows vista which crashed every day.