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    Hello. I just did a complete restoration of my hard drive. I have Win7 64. I'm having problems with Adobe Flash Player on IE 9. It works on some web pages like youtube, but not on some others. I have the local news channel's weather page, and where the weather map is suppose to be, it tries to open, but just flickers. I have Flash Player installed. I have no problem with Flash Player with Google Chrome or Firefox, but rather use IE.
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    Are you using the IE 9 x64 edition or just the IE 9 edition? Flash (if I'm not mistaken) has still not been updated to 64 Bit so this may be causing your problem. To check which edition of IE 9 you are using, choose the Gear icon and select about Internet Explorer. I am presently using Win 8DP and IE 10 so you will see that here:

    IE Version.

    edit: I have switched to my Win 7 installation and it does appear Adobe Flash has been updated to 64 Bit. I am posting this edit from Win 7 with IE 9 x64. It does appear Adobe Flash does have a released 64 Bit edition. I would check to ensure your IE9 bitness has the same Adobe Flash bitness.

    AdobeFlash64Bit. IE964Bit.
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