Problem with headset

Ok I got a problem but can;t figure out, I used 2 different headphones from 2 different brands and the problem remained.

The problem is when I speak via skype the other end hears what I hear.
I already set it to independant and to redirected and nothing worked (the headphones are connected via front pannel).

I attatched the pic of my current configurations.
U can see the speaker is configured as default but that;s only because it is currently set to redirected headphones.

Configuring in skype to work through headphones didn;t solve the problem...

The problem was solved though , by configuring the headphones as independant, and plugging the mic on the back pannel, and another headphones in the front ...

BUT then when I set skype to work via headphoens the sound was as if coming from the bathroom....

And it's not just a skype thing I tired it on music, all sounds sounded like that.

I dunno what to do anymore -.-;
Tried playing with the mic boost, no use.
For some reason my friend can hear what I 'hear' perfectly, EVEN when I am on really low sound....

Not sure about when I am on mute....I think it happens then too.



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First setup the mic/headset as the default "communications device" in the sound mixer properties as just doing it as the default record device may not get the result you are after, also always make sure the mic is muted, this is the preferred method as the mic still records when muted on all apps (mainly its to prevent feedback).

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