Problem with Homegroups on Windows 7

I'm having trouble with my computer's homegroup. I have 3 computers, two laptops and a desktop. The two laptops connect via wifi (I have only 1 network for all 3) and my desktop via cable. For some reason, my desktop can't connect with the other two laptops (they both work correctly, meaning they can connect between the two of them) but the desktop computer can't connect to a homegroup created by either laptop, neither can the laptops connect to a homegroup created by the desktop computer. It just doesn't show up, as simple as that.
All 3 comps run on Win 7, different versions, desktop is 32 bits, and both laptops are 64 and 32 bits.
My wifi router is tplink, same as my modem.

ps: yes, they're all on "home" network, they're all on one and only one network, with clocks synched and ipv6 enabled.


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I have got a curious problem. On my Home Network I have got two computers (B-Win 7 Pro 64bit - joined and A-Win 7 Pro HPremium 64bit-primary/created) using a homegroup. They seem to work fine.
I have tried to connect the third computer (C-Win 7 Pro 64bit) to the same homegroup. All in vain.

Once clicking on join - password I have a message that Windows cannot setup Homegroup on this computer. Then after launching troubleshooting function the join button becomes 'create homegroup,.

All the computers are the same Bitdefender Total Security 2015 software installed with the same setting.

All the computers are on the same router - Linksys EA6500.
Computers A and B are WLAN-ed and B and C are LAN-ed to the main router which is connected to bridged one (also Linksys EA6500), that is computers B and C are on LAN connection while an A is connected wirelessly to B and C via router. All three computers are connected and can 'see each other' via Home Network. All are in the same Workgroup (name) with different names. All have the same user account with the same credentials (name, login pass).

I have already tried all the potential solution to the problem I have found on the web. Nothing seems work.
I have deleted C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking folder content, Restarted all pointed services...

I will deeply appreciate any helpful clue leading to solve this bizarre issue.
Thank you in advance.

Within your routers settings there are advanced network features (depending upon how new the router might be). There is a broadcasting feature on some routers that can be enabled so that it can take advantage of the broadcast IP address. This address allows for information to travel within your network and end (hopefully) with the packets of information landing with the correct destination (to your other computer(s)). Sometimes you need this so that when you are grabbing video (and playing) files from one and viewing them on another.

For example, Chromecast needs a broadcasting channel because any number of devices can cast a video to the Caster and view it on the TV it is connected to. How the mobile device finds its mark is by way of that broadcasting IP address within the network's router.

It also seems to me that your issues are internal, yes? Meaning that your conundrum does not rely on the internet to be fixed...rather it is an intranet issue (internal issue). So, you can try disabling all of your security and see if you can get the computers to communicate ("see") with each other without warrant.

BTW, when you engaged your HomeGroup did you use a common password for the HomeGroup? Meaning, did you choose a primary computer as your first computer and use that computer's HomeGroup password to connect your second and third, etc. computers to the HomeGroup? If not then this could be the reason as to why you were getting the "Windows cannot setup Homegroup on this computer..." message.

Try disabling the HomeGroup and the Bitdefender security and see if that works...and then create the HomeGroup again.


On a personal side note... I am not a big fan of Bitdefender because unless you are dealing with highly sensitive data that you need an encryption algorithm for I like to use AVG Internet Security Suite because it is requires less resources than Norton and Bitdefender and plays well with older computers because it is not such a memory hog... not to mention it can provide the same security measures as Norton and Bitdefender, and IMHHO provides easier setup.

Hope this helps...
Happy Holidays!

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