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Windows 7 Problem with HP Printer


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Jan 10, 2009
I have a Photosmart C5280 All-in-One Printer, which seems to be printing okay, but when I tried to install the software, it said it wasn't compatible. What do I need to change? I went into the setup folder and started to change everything in there to Vista SP2 compatibility, but there is so many exe files in there! I would like to be able to use the software, because I need to know my ink levels, etc.
If it's printing OK, what is the problem?

Did you download the driver's from HP's site?
if you are talking about the photosmart essentials that came with your Printer or downloaded from HP I've also tried to install that and it won't work in order to use that software you will have to download the Windows XP Virtual PC software from microsoft from here Link Removed but make sure you read the tech notes to make sure you have the proper CPU to do this first good luck and hope this works for you
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That really is too much trouble. My fingerprint reader doesn't work with Windows 7 and neither does my webcam, so I'm not going to fool with Windows 7 until they get their act together. I thought it would be more similar to Vista than it is.
It's not Microsoft's fault. The manufacturers need to write updated drivers for these devices.

Remember, this is only the RC version, it's not the final product.

I'm sure these "driver writers" are scrambling as fast as they can.

Is you printer working OK?
yeah true and if everything goes like HP told my college about their printers then photosmart essential will be released for 7 when it hits shelves
HP C7250 Printer Software

I tried installing the HP software for this printer and It did not recognise the Operating System and would not install.

I then tried to install the HP software in Vista compatability mode. The software did eventually install and run. During the installation and setup the printer was found on the wireless network, but when I run the sofware, it states that the printer is not connected. Because it shows no connection, the fax feature doesn't work also.

After uninstalling the HP software, I successfully connected the printer wirelessly from the 'add printer' function in control panel. What I found out is that quite a few of the features in the HP Solution Center don't work with just the genric printer driver installed. i.e. can't use the fax feature from the desktop.

Because the HP software is necessary to utilize the full functinality of the printer and the software seems to have trouble connecting, the generic printer driver reduces the printers real potential.

All the features work in Windows Vista.

Are you trying to install this software from an old CD that came with the printer?

Try using the Vista driver from HP:
Link Removed - Invalid URL
I downloaded the software from HP Support.

I hadn't seen the update before, so tried it again then tried to apply the update. Update says it's for Windows Vista (32/64) only.

Thanks for trying.
no problem,

I did hear from someone is is supposed to have contacts with HP and they will have drivers ready when Windows 7 is official released to the manufacturers.
I have the C5580 and had the same issue. I solved it by right clicking the Setup.exe file and selecting "Run as Administrator" and let Windows select the compatibility mode.

A side note: Set the HP CUE devicediscovery service to "Manual" to speed up Windows load time.
HP 3015 problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an HP laserjet 3015, I installed the WIN XP driver compatibility, it seems to be ok, if i send a print of one sheet i got it, but when i try to send more tha 2 sheets the all the sheets are printed in the same sheet, one over another, plese help me solve this problem, i dont know what ealse to do.

sorry if my english is not good, i'm just learning it:cool::cool::cool::cool: