problem with install win 7 on new laptop


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I have problem with new sony vaio laptop. started to install win 7 home premium and during insallation my battery went down and terminated installation. now i'm stuck. it won't start again. installation is on laptop hard disc. can i start it again somehow?


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Since it's a new computer, it has a warranty. Take it to the seller, and demand a new battery. You might even squeeze them to install Windows 7? If they're customer friendly, they'll do it.


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Installs may stop at different points and be useable or not. If it was still running from the files in memory, those will probably be gone. If it got to the reboot where it switches to the hard drive, it may restart, but you say it won't start again.. What exactly won't start again, the install or the laptop?

Can you download the files again or recover them and start over?


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install won't start can i started again from the hard disc


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Get the official Win7 .iso from Digital River, install that and activate it with the 25digit product key which you find on the COA sticker on the bottom of your laptop.

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