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So when I'm playing games, running the internet etc, it will run okay for about 10 minutes, and after that it will slow down majorly, When starting a download it will start at around 140 kb/s (still low, but normal) and after a few minutes, will drop to around 25-30kb/s. If i unplug my internet modem and plug it back in, it runs fine again, for about 10 minutes. Here is a of my ping, apparently its horrible.


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Typically, this is a problem that you would want to discuss with your ISP. That type of packet loss is unacceptable.
You might try a couple of diagnostic steps on your own, to try and determine where the problem is.
When the slow down occurs try and determine if your issue is with your local equipment.
Try pinging the inside edge of your router while this problem is present, at a command prompt type
ping -n 20 192.168.nnn.nnn (what ever the ip address of the inside edge of your router is) if you have severe packet loss then the problem is local and you need to check your connection (physical cabling and how your network adapter is talking to its' terminal connection) often adapters are defauted to auto negotiate speed and duplex and sometimes manually setting these parameters to 100 mps full or 10 mps full can help.
If you have good local performance with zero packet loss and fast low single digit response time 1 to 5 miliseconds, then
attempt to determine if it's a DNS issue
while the slow down is occuring from a command prompt type
ping -n 20 and examine the results for packet loss and time then
type ping -n 20 compare the results of the two pings if the ping to the ip address is good and the ping to the fully qualified domain name is bad then your router may have issues with DNS forwarding. To resolve this just use public DNS servers like and for DNS name resolution in the properties of IPv4 in the properties of your network adapter. If both are bad then you may be having line issues and your ISP needs to get involved.

EDIT: Also just as a couple final diagnostic steps you may want to try everything above in safemode with networking, just to make sure that it's not some local software or service that is causing the problem and Also open task manager, select the processes tab, check the box near the bottom that says, show processes for all users and look for mdnsresponder if it's running then you are having issues with the bonjour service, if that's the case post back and we'll work with that specific issue.

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Also have a problem losing packets.

I've tried all of the steps here as I thought it might also help me with my problem. I have three computers on my network. 1 desktop which I have connected to my router via a lan cable and two laptops which both have a wireless connections. Both laptops are recent models and have internal 802.11n. The desktop and my wife's laptop run flawlessly and can get speeds around 2.3mb/s when downloading something. My laptop however runs very slowly but it seems to be on an off. When I ping an internal address such as the router or another computer on my network I get the packets back within 5ms but when I ping an internet address some packets get through but some don't.

When I compare the two laptops, and they are positioned at the exact same distance away from the wireless router, I find my wife laptop will not lose any packets when I ping, while my laptop will sometimes get 50% back if I'm lucky, sometimes none back. This is why I presume it is so much slower but I could be wrong. What I don't understand is why one laptop can work so well and the other not.

I also used the utility tracert via the command console to track what was happening. The packets start getting lost once it leaves japan (that's where I'm living now). When I run tracert on wife's laptop the packets never get lost at any stage of the journey.

If I plug my laptop directly into the router it runs at it's normal speed 2.3mb/s so it could be a wireless issue. I've done things such as change the frequency etc on the router but that hasn't made a difference. The only other difference between my wife's laptop and mine is that she running vista while I'm running windows 7, perhaps that's the issues.

So if there are any good suggestions of how I can fix this problem, I'd appreciate to hear them.

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