Problem with jumplists

Hi Everyone

Since one week i am using Windows 7. And i really enjoyed it ;) But now i have a little problem:
I wanted to use JumplistLuncher ( to create a jumplist...
but then i realized, that no jumplist is working on my computer... Internet Explorer, Sticky Notes and so on...

Althoug there is an arrow, I can not open the popupwindow :(

Is there maybe a property i have to change or something like this (key in regestry) ?

PS: Please excuse my english... i am not a nativ speaker


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Did you actually run the link you provide and did it stop working after that?

Is Aero still on?

No, it even did not work before... and areo is activated


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As you probably know, jump lists don't work with all programs.

I will look around, but could you post a snippit of what happens when you right click on one of you icons which shows the arrow you refer to?

I did have a problem with one of my jump lists once when it had a corrupt destination in it.

You might check something by right clicking the taskbar and select properties. Under the Start Tab, there are 2 check boxes, Store recently displayed programs, and Store recently opened items.

You might try unchecking those and clicking OK. This will clear all your displayed items, just so you will know. You may have to go back and recheck them to get the jump list back, I don't know.

Hmm i would post a picture but my webpage is currently down ( don't know why ;) )

When I right-click an item which has such an arrow nothing special happends...
only this normal popupmenu appears:
It has folloring items ( i will try to translate to english, becaus my windows is german)

- Öffnen (Open)
- Als Administrator ausführen ( execute as admin )
- Aus Liste entfernen ( erase from list )
- ---------------------------------
- Eigenschaften ( Properties )

this it is.... and i tried this checkboxes... but nothin happends


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I realized you were German when I tried to read the link you provided :)

What you are describing if what you see if you right click a taskbar icon and then right click the original program.

You should see the original program with an Unpin from taskbar (Aus Liste entfernen) with a line above, then the prior destinations are above that line.

Use Windows Explorer, the folder icon and click on several folders or files. Then go back and see if they were added to the list if your just right click on the original icon. If you do not see any, then we will have to do some research, unless someone else knows.


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I was looking around, and just to check, do you still have the Tablet PC options on your system? It controls the Snipping Tool, and it might be related to jump lists...

Hmm i have no tablet options on my pc...
Ok... i hope got you right:

I rightclicked on a file (iexplorer.exe) and choose "Pin to taskbar" (not "pin to startmenu")... but nothing happend... no icon in my taskbar...
Then i rightclicked on the iexplorer.exe again and althoug i have no icon in my taskbar i was able to choose "Unpin from taskbar"...
And there was no line, where infos about the destination were


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This may be a language problem, but Win Explorer is the folders icon on the taskbar. Right click it to see the flyout.

Do you have a listing for Tablet PC in your Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, Tablet PC? If you do not have that or the Snipping Tool in the Start menu, try going to Control Panel, Programs and Features, Turn Windows Features on or off, and select Tablet PC Components. Again, I am not sure this will help but you might try.

Ok i activated the Tablet PC Components... but nothing happends (expect the new folder in Accessories)... but i have the Snipping Tool

And if i rightclick on the round windows-button only an menu with "properties" and "Open WindowsExplorer" (which opens the normal explorer)...

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