Problem with Keyboard


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Hello all.

I have an HP TX2508ca convertable tablet laptop. I've had it for nine months and it runs on Vista Home Premium 32bit. Just yesterday I removed the keys and cleaned out the keyboard. After fixing the keys back everything was working perfectly. However, this morning things started to go a little crazy. There is only one account on the laptop and that is my admin account which is password protected. My password has the lower case letter " l " in it but they " l " key on the keyboard had stopped working. So I tried to type it in using the on screen keyboard but still nothing. I tried restarting and repairing but still no go. The letter " l " key just simply doesn't work; be it on the regular keyboard or on the on-screen keyboard. So now, I'm locked out of my account because the " l " key doesn't work. Can someone please help me out?




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Hi! Have you tried cleaning your keyboard out with compressed air? I hope you didn't spill anything into the keyboard, liquids are lethal to a laptop. (You might be able to change your password for now?)


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Hello all,

Thanks for the replies but I managed to fix the keyboard. I took it apart again and found an eyelash under it. I removed the eyelash and lo and behold, the letter " l " key works again! Glory hallelujah!

Thanks again for the help!