"problem with Local area connection adapter driver" message

Recently i booted my computer and my internet wasnt working, so i troubleshoot the problem and this message appears
"problem with Local area connection adapter driver".
I found one end of my ethernet cable had a broken clip, i replaced that and it didnt fix it so i figured my gf may have deleted something so i system restored to a day or so earlier and all was well. This morning i start my computer and the same thing has happened. I system restored to yesterday so i can use the internet, but im hoping to fix the problem once and for all. Any suggestions?


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What's happening? Very strange problem. When you shut down the computer do you see any evidence that pending updates are being installed? That would be my first guess. A driver is present among the windows updates and is causing an issue and when you do a system restore it kinda ground hog days the whole process over and over again.
Other than that I would suggest a comprehensive scan for virus and or malware. Download, install then update the signature database for both Spybot and MBAM also a complete scan with the AntiVirus product of your choice. If you don't have one I would suggest MSE . Same thing download, install, update signatures. Please do not install MSE when another AntiVirus product is present.

Thank you for your reply. Yes there were updates pending. So i disable any driver updates do i? How do i know which ones are for drivers?


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Not sure exactly, it's been a while since I permitted any. Generally should be reflect in their names or description I would think???


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But yes, disable driver updates through windows update. If you are not sure how to do that let us know and we'll give you a step by step.

Hi, guys,

I have had the exact same problem. Did we find out if it was an update issue in the end?


Hi guys, so I set windows update to ask me first before updating. Everything was fine but yesterday it happened again. Now I don't have a system restore point to go to and I don't have a windows boot disk or backup. So I'm kind of stuck for what to do? Any way of resetting windows to factory settings without a boot disk or system image?


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Try using device manager to roll back the driver.
Open device manager
Expand network adapter
right click the problem adapter and choose properties
Select the Driver Tab at the top
Click the Roll Back Driver Button.

I just tried the driver rollback, it didn't fix the problem. Any other tips?


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Did you reboot the computer after the roll-back?
Open control panel->Programs and Features
From the left column choose "View Installed Updates"
The Updates should be grouped by product and date
The bottom most group should be "Microsoft Windows" updates.
The bottom updates in this group should be the most recent updates that have been installed. Double check the far right column "Installed On" date to confirm the order.
Now assuming we still are associating your current issue with a Windows Update then you can choose to uninstall any of these by double clicking on them one at a time

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