Problem with mapping network location - on network printer

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    I added a printer to my network (hp c5180) via ethernet cable. But problem accords when I try to map a network location (card reader 5in1 or sth like that, is used to read SD, xD, ms cards used in cameras) from which I d like to copy images, files in explorer without extra software from HP. After I installed drivers for printer, it automatically map a network location but when I try to open it or connect to that location I get an error:
    "Access code is invalid"
    The network path is "\\\Memory_card"
    I copied this link in to my internet browser (in this case its g Chrome) and I was able to connect to the network location:
    Its strange because all of XP based computers can easily connect, problem is only with windows 7 based computers.
    Somewhere I found that this could be repaired with changing: (below)
    or in reg:
    But this solutions dont work in my case.

    Does somebody know hot to fix this and what is causing it??
    Ty for reply :eek:
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