Problem with maxtor Sata/150 Pci card

Hello all! Im new to this forum but i thought maybe you can help.

I had Windows 7 RC 32bit, and i found one of my maxtor Sata/150 Pci cards so i can get all my hard drives connected and working. In windows 7RC i got that card to work, i dont exactly remember how, but somehow i did it :D. Now i have Win7 x64 and i cant get that card to work. When i start my computer bios finds that card and the hard drives on it. But when i get to windows its like it has no clue whats in there :D In management it shows yellow warning sing in "mass storage controller" and windows update cant find drivers to it :/

i really need those hard drives, i have all my images in there etc. I have downloaded drivers to that card from maxtors site but dont know how to install them. You can download zip from there, you open it then it gives you couple of folders for different windowses like 2000, Xp but no 7 or vista. Well, i thought i try that XP driver but when i open that folder there is only one .dll file, one .sys and one .inf file. No setup or something, then i found some x64 drivers but there is those samekind of files, how do i install that kind of files? :O I have tried to manually instal drivers from those folders, but it says that there is no drivers? I really am losing my mind with this, could you please help me!



Edit: If you need these here is my comp. specs.
Motherboard: Asus M2N
Cpu: Amd Athlon x2 64 6000+
memory: Kingston 4 x 1gb
Graphics: Ati HD 4770


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Hi Nikoo, welcome to the forum.
You wrote that you had tried to manually install, was that using the 'Have Disk' method? That way you'll installing using the 'inf' which may help.. (I did a screenshot as I use this method to install my RAID drivers)
Also, if you try it and it say's it can't find any drivers, untick the box which say's show compatible hardware.

Thanks for that help, but i dont have floppy drive :/ I will try to find one and try installing from there. Ill let you know how it went.

And btw, im really not that good with computer software, so pictures are always good for me, or step by step instructions :)


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You don't need one.. The drivers could be any where.. If you look at the last box in the screenshot you'll see it say's 'inf' in the file name bar, All you do is find the folder with the correct inf in..
Is that any clearer?

Thank you so much for posting this information on here! I was attempting to do a fresh install of Windows 7 32-bit on a Dell desktop PC and was told the PCI SATA card needed a driver. The BIOS saw the PCI SATA card fine and the hard drive showed up fine. But the Windows 7 installer didn't see it!

I went to the Maxtor (now Seagate) website and found the card drivers. I extracted them to a flash drive, connected it to the PC where I was doing the install, browsed to it, picked the Windows XP driver and everything worked like a charm!




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