Problem with multiple network

Hi friends,
I use dlink lan card
My Internet work on this network adapter but i also use local area network for file sharing locally
but i am unable to use both of them together in windows 7
it work fine in windows xp


Noob Whisperer
Make sure that your two network adapters are on seperate subnets.
Leave the Dlink card alone just determine it's ip address should be something like 192.168.1.nnn
Local area connection adapter change to 192.168.2.nnn subnet no default gateway no dns server addresses.
The other machine(s) that you are sharing files with with have to have a network card on that same subnet also with no default gateway. You don't need a default gateway to share files on your local network, but they have to be on the same subnet so if the other machines need internet access they will have to be multihomed also. After you've done this make sure you can ping the other machine(s) by ip address and by netbios name.
The windows seven machine will show this second adapter as "Unknown Network" and will also show "No internet access" this should have no impact on your local area network and your ability to share files, printers or map network drives. If you want to see the other machine(s) in your network map on the windows 7 machine you will need to take an additional step and add that machine's ipaddress and netbios name into the lmhost file on the windows 7 machine so if you need help there let us know, or read this article and be sure to use the #PRE comment as well as flush and reload the netbios cache table on the win7 machine (nbtstat -RR) make sure that the ip address you use on the file sharing network are static addresses otherwise the information in the lmhost file will not stay accurate.
How to use lmhost

thanks for your help
but the problem is i use ip messenger software to send and recieve file on LAN
so when my internet is not connected i have set the ip addres which is the series followed on LAN
but as soon as i connect to internet the ip address in the software changes to 183.******* which is my internet ip address
i want to know y can the ip address remain same in ip messenger with xp it work fine
problem remians in windows 7


Noob Whisperer
It would seem that the easiest way to overcome this issue, would be to employ a router between the WAN and the LAN that way the router would have the public 183. address (which I suspect is dynamic) and NAT that to the private 10. address (which could either be dynamic or static).
As I said earlier a multihomed machine with a second NIC could accomplish the same thing but far less elegantly by using an LMhost file to support the private addresses and their netbios names.
You can of course statically assign multiple ip address to the same NIC (which is similar to multihoming but slightly different), but this would require first that your WAN address, subnet and gateway was static and never changed, and then you would need to configure route tables locally to direct the internet traffic out. There is an article here which briefly describes how to configure local route tables
Configuring multiple gateways on a network and there are many resources on the internet with other explanations.

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