Problem with my 2nd harddrive [HELP NEEDED]

Ok, I built this computer myself half a year ago, and it has been working perfectly since, except for my 2nd harddrive and I figured out that it was time to fix it.
You see, I got two identical harddrives (WD Caviar Green 1 TB) but only onw of them is showing up in "My Computer"

I am using Windows 7 Professional

MB: XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 3,0 GHz (Stock speed)
GPU: XFX GeForce 275 GTX 896MB DDR3 (And I am running two of those in SLI)
RAM: Corsair XMS DHX 1600 MHz DDR3 - 4x 2 GB pieces (I believe)
PSU: Corsair HX1000w

Other things that might help:
- I can find both harddrives in my BIOS
- I can find both harddrives if I right click on my harddrive in "My Computer" and go to Properties --> Harware (Both looks identical there)
- I can only find the one that shows up when i go to the MSConfig
- Both harddrives are plugged in with a working S-ATA cable.

I hope anyone of you have a clue about how to solve my problem. Don't hesitate if you want to know more about my componenets.


EDIT: Didn't read the "read before posting" post : o

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Go to computer management then disck management and see if the drive is there and see if it has been assigned a drive letter, and see if if it is heakthy and active

Sorry, I forgot to mention that i had checked that. Actually I double checked it now, and I can't find my 2nd harddrive there.
Thanks for the reply though, I appreciate the help. :D

PS: Going out for Christmas dinner, but I will be back in 4-6 hours. Again, thanks for your help!

Have you tried first to Initialize your second hard drive to recognized as a " basic Disk "? The information I am supplying to you is directly from Windows 7 Support Help Topic. " initialize New Disk In disk management, right click the disk in question you want to initialize, and then click initialize disk. in the initialize disk dialog box, select the disk to initialize, you can select whether to use the master boot record [ MBR ] or GUID partician table, [ GPT ] partition table. Disk will now be initialized as a basic disk with the drive letter automatically assigned and be active and visable. I hope this helps., John

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