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Hello there, everyone. I'm From Caliber Enterprises, I had purchased Laptop. After 1 month my laptop starts Lagging. Can someone suggest to me the Best antivirus for my Laptop? I'd appreciate it.


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Anti virus software has very little to do with lagging... a system restore may help but the most common cause on laptop is Microsoft updates replacing the makers tested drivers


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Most likely, you lack RAM in multitasking processes. For example, my Aser Nitro laptop has 8 GB of RAM installed as standard. This was not enough for some tasks, so the laptop sometimes slowed down. So I bought a second bar of 8 GB of RAM. But you have to be careful about this so that the frequency and timing of the RAM match. Because, for example, the timing scheme of CL 16 and CL 18 is not the same. Ideally, the RAM should be from another manufacturer.