Problem with my Windows7, experience constant lagging


Just gotta say that so long as i've used Windows7 it's so far a really good app, with some minor changes it could be the next big thing.

But i've got a issue, an annoying one. It's like this: My windows lags when i scroll at a webpage or anything, scrolling overall. Example, in WMP it lags, in chrome, it lags, in IE it lags. And in windows generally it lags, for a nanosecond it just stops then continues. This happens frequently every half second if i use the scroll so to speak. Then we have the same problem when i want to move a window(now i've made the performance change so it doesn't lag since i don't move the window at first just the box) it lags.

My computer have 4.5 rating in the windows rating system. I've installed the ATI gfx drivers through the windows update, also the mouse driver have a razer deathadder.

My computer has the following specs:
Fujitsu Amilo Xi 1546
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 @ 2GHZ with 4mb l2chache
GFX: Mobility Radeon X1800
with 280 GB HD 5400rpm

Did this problem manifest itself after the update? You could also manually check on ATI's site to see if these are Beta drivers i know that when my Intel onboard drivers finally came out they were a little quirky for an update or two now they are flawless.

Well, when i try to update the ATI driver through FJS's site it says that i don't have a component that can be installed. But the windows itself installed a driver for me when i installed the OS. So i have a driver for the gfx card.

I'm having a little trouble following you the driver currently installed is a stock W7 driver not an ATI driver?
It has been installed since you first installed the RC or did you update to it?
I would check out ATI's site rather than Fujitsu, search for your model graphics card since the wrong driver can make the card identify wrong to a site scanning your hardware especially if an OEM is doing the scanning (this is assuming FJS is fujitsu).

It's a ATI driver that windows installed for me, through windows update

did your problem exist before the update? I would still check the ATI/radeon website for the correct driver windows update does make mistakes at times.
You also didn't answer if this started immediately upon install or after some time?
Does the catalyst control center work properly?
This sounds like what you get when your system can't graphically handle what is being thrown at it but your specs seem to make that impossible leaving a graphics driver issue. the most likely culprit but not the only only one.
Could be a touchpad/trackball problem do you have a mouse you can try?
Fimally if you open task manager are you seeing CPU spikes when experiencing this scroll lag?
It can be frustrating but it is important that you try to answer any questions i or anyone on here may ask because you never know which answer is going to be important and some people will get frustrated themselves and simply stop responding if they can't gather enough information to troubleshoot effectively.


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Yes, uninstall the Windows Update Driver that was installed for ATI. And then set windows updates to only install High Priority updates and manually install recommended. Any drivers that come out, just hide them, and never use windows Updates to install drivers. I like windows, but the windows updates drivers are almost always horrible.

Uninstall through Add/Remove
Open Device Manager and if the ATI video drivers remain, right click and uninstall from there
Select to remove files if prompted.

You should now have a generic driver listed, if not, don't worry about it at this point and...

Install the latest ATI drivers from ATI's website.

If you still ahve problems, then it is not a video driver issue.

If you had only just installed 7 and everything, give it a couple of days to calm down.
7 may run sluggish for a day or 2, it's normal and will right itself.

If you had only just installed 7 and everything, give it a couple of days to calm down.
7 may run sluggish for a day or 2, it's normal and will right itself.[/QUOTE]

Tepid are you sure of this? I feel like I've seen evidence of similar behavior but cannot confirm it I'm almost certain i've had minor problems simply sort themselves out without updating. It really seems as though this code is somewhat self adaptive i'm just not savy enough to prove that it isn't my imagination.

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Yes I am sure, and not so much self adaptive (as much as it seems like magic)
As certain things in the background finishing configurations/indexing/etc.

You can disable indexing on all other drives but C: (in my opinion, I would leave it enabled on C:

Let me thank you all for quick replys and sorry for not answering, i live in sweden and the time was midnight..

To start off thank you for your help and starting with texture's question i can start saying that the update happened directly when i first booted windows7 so i couldn't see if this is because of the website. One other issue is that i can't update the ATI driver from anywhere. I've tried from the ATI site, where it says that the software can't be installed on my system (this was said back in XP aswell.) So when i download from FJS site it just says that it can't install it..

I don't think it's the mouse but when the lag hits, the cpu spikes up but not so much only to around 30-40% and then down again.

Now i uninstalled the driver and there was a difference. No lag at all! The update that Windows installs there isn't any catalyst control as in the usuall driver updates. But now i can't install any drivers except the windows one.

I will try to plug in another mouse.

I've had the OS for many days already.

THank you!

Sounds like the ATI driver that windows pointed you to is not jiving with your system. Disable automatic updates for everything except windows itself and continue using the W7 native driver instead of the updated one. After some time try again the updated driver if it still fails just roll back again. With no catalyst control center it doesn't sound like a real ATI driver probably just an updated windows one.

Try right clicking the driver installer packages you are downloading from ATI or fujitsu and select properties, compatibility tab, run in compatibility mode for, start with Vista service pack 2 and move backward from there. Chances are however that this is what happened before since running things in a compatibility mode often comes with a performance hit but at least if you install it manually you can be certain of what your dealing with.

I am correct in assuming that this card is the OEM integrated graphics solution? Unfortunately these do tend to be poorly supported for new OS releases although ATI is more reliable than most since they have alot of tech enthusiasts as loyal customers. If you can't deal with it using the generic windows driver and a working solution doesn't present itself you may have to think about a graphics card upgrade but wait until you obtain the GA from microsoft (the one you buy not the RC). A proper driver may be released later.

Post back your results from the compatibility mode driver installation. You've pretty much made certain that it is a driver issue by rolling back and getting a positive result but anyone following this thread will appreciate knowing if we can get the updated driver to work smoothly or not. Good Luck

I tried what you said to change the compatibility of the software but that didn't work. Any of it, when i try to install the FJS version it just installs the 2.0 NET.

The ATI software itself doesn't work at all.

As you said, i guess that they will fix it before the actual release i'm not really worried. Just a small annoying thing to live with i guess.

Dno if it's OEM gfx card, all i know it's a mobility radeon card. Guess it's a OEM one.

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