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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by jerco3000, Sep 2, 2009.

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    I new here and new with windows 7, I search and found many similar problems but nothing help me.

    I install windows 7 few days ago, all fine, but last two days I have problems to connect to youtube and another sites, rapidshare, First I think problem with internet provider, connection, router, but nothing, I have another notebook at my side, my actual it's a Dell Latitude D630, my olde at my side it's a Dell Inspiron 700m (with Windows XP).

    From Windows XP (Inspito 700m) no problem to conects to this site, from D630 (Windows 7) don't conect, I try with many "browsers" but nothing, If I try conect to YOUTUBE I see the page, but video late many minutes and finally work. in XP for another hand, video start well.

    Connection see's fine, I have acces to mail, web, only few sites with VIDEO or LARGE FILES (Rapidshare) have problems..

    I have another Hard Disk with XP to this computer, try and work great, I belive it's problem with driver, but no 100% secure.

    Anybody have similar problems with some sites, YOUTUBE or BIG FILES!!!!

    Thank's for your help..

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