Windows 7 Problem With NFS Undercover


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so this ma first try with windows 7 and it looks cool and even lighter cooler than Vista . i have the build 7068 and i installed Need For Speed undercover and wen i ran it and this 1st time told me that some d3d file is missing so i pick the dxweb upadte and updated it to the last update and problem solved and game work but i only can see the nfs logo and just black screen nothing happen afterwards s i checked ma dxdiag and found that direct x is ver 11 and ma VGA that suppose to b 512 mb is 1969 with label approx toatal memory and that sound weird i thought it's mayb the screen setting couz bk on XP wen i run the game for the 1st time i'll have to reset the resolution to 1280x720 couz ma LCD is widescreen so if this the problem can somone confirm that and how i can i solve this problem and if anyone had this problem b4 or it's just bug on this build of windows 7 considering that nfs undercover was working crystal clear with XP
waiting for ur responde and thx in advance :)
same problem with me

When I was using Windows Vista, game was working very good, I got no problems with it, but when I installed Windows 7, now its not working, when I run the game, I get Need For Speed Logo, and a loading bar, when bar gets full, I can only hear the sound of videos, and a black screen on, plz tell me whats the solution, my PC spec is, I want to run this game in Windows 7

Intel Dual Core 2.0ghz
nVidia Geforce 8500 GT 512mb
Windows 7
It worked great with me
with the 7000 built, there were some lags, but with 7057 built, it ran smooth

i have a 64 bit, and i havent tried 7068 yet, but we will see

did you buy it or download it?
Black screen and/or missing GUI may be due to a ripped game or a botched install. If you just stole it from the bittorrents then that may be the issue.

If you managed to run Undercover but still suffer from crashes, it's either that W7 still has problems with the game (remember the Carbon-Vista controversy?), you have a corrupted install, or it's the SecuROM DRM kicking in. To be honest I have a cracked/ripped version of the game, which I just intentionally dl'd for testing purposes; runs fine in most cases, but it hangs and crashes when you bump on the po-po after provoking a wild cop chase, which is bad compared to actually buying that from a store.

As much as possible, buy it rather than worrying about your game not being able to run because of a crack.
it's not the crack buddy it's the OS itself bcoz simply it was working like charm with xp so don't tell me the crack couz alot of games work fine with W7 and evan more stronger than NFS i mean on the graphic and the sys requirements
please download the latest MARCH09 release of directX redist .exe and install also make sure you've installed the latest video/chipset drivers do not just use the win7 one that were installed by the os as they are crap
anyone got it worked ??
i am not able to run the game.. same prob as in first poset..

OS : Windows 7 RC1 Build 7100
System : Dell Studio 1555 - C2D 2.4Ghz, 4gb Ram,512MB ATI Raedon 4570HD
you could also take alook at the EA forums also try compatability mode and set it to run as administrator