Problem with nvidia geforce 9800gt and windows 7


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I have just installed windows 7 64-bit, and my graphics card is nvidia geforce 9800 gt.
The problem is that my screen resolution is stuck at 800*600 with color depth 16-bit, and i can change it.
I have tried EVERYTHING with no results.
Can you give me a solution???


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I have tried windows update and also the latest nvidia drivers but i cant find a solution!!!


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Check MSconfig.exe to see if you have the base video option checked under the Boot tab.

When you go to Screen resolution and Advanced properties, what does it say for an adapter type?

Is your monitor being recognized correctly?

How are you installing the Nvidia drivers?

Make sure to check that your monitor is being listed and not plug and play - even though P&P should give you a higher res. Also do you have on board video? Possible conflict? You may want to install older drivers and make sure you are getting the Win 7 x64 versions from the nvidia site. Maybe "uninstall" the vid card in the hardware manager and then select detect hardware - see if windows will redetect the hardware and install it correctly. Or uninstall the Nvidia drivers, reboot and see what res you get with the MS drivers. Or download Riva Tuner and see if you can set the resolution there (if you haven't tried the Nvidia control panel yet).

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I'd go to NVDIA and get the driver there . It installs a control panel that is easy to adjust compared to windows.


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Googling this problem shows that the solution usually comes from windows update. If nothing has yet appeared to fix it then it might be case of waiting until they do. I would however try the Nvidia forums just in case someone has found a fix to this issue..

Another option would be to try different driver sets, you can find a good range here:

Geforce drivers ranging from 185 to 195...

download from


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Thank you for your help, but i cant find a fix yet.
If someone finds something please just post it.
Thank you in advance!!


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First uninstall your previous drivers from Programs and feature,. then go to Control Panel < Device Manager an make sure they;re gone,.'

No download and run Driver Sweeper

Make sure you have your download ready from Nvidia

Alternate idea,

Leave the Nvidia drivers alone,. download the latest from Nvidia;s site,. use .Universal Extractor to extract all the files.

If there is an .inf file in the list,. go to Device Manager,. right-click on the Nvidia entry and choose update software and navigate to the directory with the .inf file.

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