Problem with opening shortcuts


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I have a lg netbook with Windows 7 starter.
I don't know how, but somehow it happened that the software that opens
Lnk files (meet shortcuts) by default is internet explorer.
I know it is strange, that there should be any software
That opens files of shortcuts ... But I like that this computer now.
I tried to change something in the default Programs and I
Fix it via a name.
Please help
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Re: [langtitle=iw]בעיה עם פתיחת קיצורי דרך[/langtitle]

The program that starts is normally associated with the file extension. Can you give an example of the file you are trying to open, its extension and what opens instead of the correct program?


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Re: [langtitle=iw]בעיה עם פתיחת קיצורי דרך[/langtitle]

I have a LG netbook With 'windows 7 starter' on it.
when i double-click on a shortcut, it tries to open
it with internet explorerLink Removed - Invalid URL... like somehow the windows
was set to open *.lnk files (shortcuts..) with iexplorer...
also the icons of every shortcut on the computer has
the icon of the iexplorer.... like someone set it to be
the deault app that open's *.ink files...Link Removed - Invalid URL there shouldnt
be any deafult app for that file extension ofcourse.
i tried to change that by going to "default programs"
but it didnt help.
plz.. help!


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Re: [langtitle=iw]בעיה עם פתיחת קיצורי דרך[/langtitle]

Sounds like the registry is corrupted. You might try restoring the machine to a previous system restore date. This was a problem seen in XP often.

To access system restore, goto start / programs /accessories / system tools and click the system restore icon.

If you do not have any previous restore points then you will probably need to do a repair install.


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Re: [langtitle=iw]בעיה עם פתיחת קיצורי דרך[/langtitle]

Here's a link to half a page full of Link Removed - Invalid URL. Trying the LNK registry file from there may help you out. (In fact, I download and keep them all on my PC. You never know!)