Problem With Physical Memory In Windows7 64-bit

Hi There , I've been visiting This forum since ever i got my w7 32-bit ,,, and i liked everything about it and decided to upgrade to 64-bit version ,, and already did
but here ,, i have a very strange problem that forces me to restart my computer ,, like everyone 2~3 hours of working ,, ok lets make this short
simply my problem is ,, my pc's Memory ,, i have 4 gb ram and my problem for example
im installing Game " DiRT2 " or " Call Of Duty Modern WarFare2 " the memory usage goes up to 2.30 GB ,,, its normal as im installing a game no problem with that , the problem comes after that ,, after i finish installing ,, the memory usage remains 2.30 GB ,,,, Which is pretty strange for me and at the same time slows my computer's performance ,, which i really hate :S ,,, the thing is i tried to close all the applications and so on ,, but clearly it has nothing to do with any application im running at my pc even if i closed all including my messengers ,,, so any help please ,, or i'll have to go back to w7 32-bit :( sadly

What is you memory prior to using any games? I have 6 gig and my Machine uses about 2.3 gig when I am working. I do not know about Games as I am not a gamer.

Everything Is Set To Normal , Im Using W7 64-bit for the first time ,, so im suspicious about the ram issue ,,, i used to run W7 32-bit ,, normal work without games uses 700~900 m.b ram ,,, so i dont know if thats normal ,, or !!


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If you want to know where the memory is going, bring up your taskmanager and go under the processes tab. it will list all the programs that are running, under what user namen and most importantly, how much memory they are consuming. You can also select the application name and optionally end process it to recover the memory.

You will often be supprised as to what background tasks are started by programs that keep on running even after the program has ended.


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I think you need to stop and restart explorer to get memory usage back down. I don't remember the steps. Do a search for that.

Thanks For Helping Guys really appreciate it ,, but maybe 4gb ram is nothing to W7 64-bit ,, i dont know yet as im new to W7 64-bit version ,, lets see and i'll tell ya

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