Problem with printing to network printer HP Laserjet 1010

I have problem with printing on nework printer HP Laserjet 1010, which is connected on PC with OpenSUSE linux. Printing from Windows XP Pro works fine. But from Windows 7 I can browse to network printer, I manually choose correct driver and install printer - but it works only till reboot. During printer installation and remote printer PC logon I use option "Remember my credentials" but after reboot documents are put on queue but nothing is printed. Each time after reboot I must delete printer and install it again, then it works - till next reboot. :(

Can somebody help me to solve this problem ? Thanks in advanced !!!

only network printing a problem in windows 7 ?

Well yours is just a user problem might wanna just setup the same user/pass you use on this computer on your printer pc should work (assuming u don't end up on my problems next =)

Mine on the otherhand sux abit more I have both hp laserjet 1010 and 1020 printers on my network...
problem I am having is the network connected computers send let's say the test page to the computer the 1010 is connected to I'll see the job in the printer queue labeld printing yet there is nothing gona happen ever I think so I try to remove it from the queue noway son.. so I reboot the pc guess what....

windows pops up prints everything that was stuck in the printer queue till this point and acts like there is no problem so I go back to network connected pc try to print anohter and guess what... no way son you will get your prints next time u reboot and ofc now I cannot even print in the computer who is connected to the printer coz the network'd computer has something stuck on "printing"...

so I'm wondering why only all network prints jam my printers I have no clue what's going on here never had any problems with these printers running a win2k server/xp outposts

now I run 2008 server std 32-bit and all client pc's are windows 7 32-bit

Thank you in advance
if u can provide any help =)

A fix for HP 1010 with OS Windows 7

I have been having problems regarding HP 1010. But I have a work around. If you have the same printer install the mono HP 1015 drivers. Printer was still working after several reboots. My advice is try other printers similar to your own and the driver might just work. Installed about 4 printers with generic drivers. Hoping to fool the system but it was the 1015 that did it.
Here is the techie info
Data Format: RAW
Port Name: USB001
Driver Name: UNIDRI.DLL
Data File: HPMCPM25.GPD
Driver Version. 6.00
Environment: Windows NT x86

Re: A fix for HP 1010 with OS Windows 7

Hi Jennie, all
I'm having a prblem using my HP 1010 in Win 7 and IE9.
Does your solution work for you in this environment?

10x in advance

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