problem with program icons

I have a dell vostro 1720. It came with XP with a 7 upgrade. I did the upgrade per windows/dell instructions. the issue I had was that every icon I clicked (didnt matter what program it was) took me to windows media center.
I tried messing around with it (first mistake) and all of the icons changed to internet explorer images instead of the image each program has for itself. and when I click on the icons it trys to open then asks me if I want to open , save or cancel. like it is downloading something, but the program is already on the computer.
if someone sends me an excel spreadsheet or a picture or anything else via email I can open it with the appropriate program. but if I try and choose that program to make a new spreadsheet or something it goes into the file download thing.

any help is appreciated

try a 7 repair install from DVD or do a clean new install - OS upgrades tend to go wrong, unfortunately!

I tried doing an uninstall and a repair with my dvds but it doesn't give a repair or uninstall option

the repair is under custom/advanced install

ah. I will have to try that. should I go back to XP or stay with 7?

slow down, buddy, 7 is really not bad - do the repair install and see how it goes. you may have to restore your desktop theme but it will not touch your files. however, make a backup of your most important files just in the unlikely case.

well I havent really added anything important to the computer yet so the repair should go pretty easy.
I will check back when I do it

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