problem with proxy server

Hi everyone

I am facing a problem with internet explorer in windows 7. I am using internet through proxy server. But proxy server’s user name and password are not saved in credentials and not working. For this reason I am using Mozilla Firefox, it is working but it is not comfortable for me.
Kindly suggest me.



Noob Whisperer
Try this and see if it helps;
In ie8, choose tools, then internet options,
Select the security tab, and then click the custom level button
Scroll down to the User Authentication Section near the bottom of the dialog box and select
"Automatic Logon With Current User Name and Password"
See attached
Keep us posted.

Thanks for your correspondence . I am trying but problem is still.


Noob Whisperer
What type of proxy server are you using? Is it Microsoft ISA? Who manages the proxy server, and have you talked to him or her about the problem? Have you tried resetting IE8 to factory defaults, to see if that helps? Can you provide a screen shot of the prompt for username and password? Have you tried to manually enter the credentials into the Windows 7 Credentials Vault?

I don't know about type of proxy server, because it is managed by other vendor.I am sending screenshot of that
problem. I am tried resetting IE8 to factory defaults and also tried to manually enter the credentials into the
windows7 credentials vault but problem is still.This type of problem only facing in win 7 but when we use other Operating
system it is working very well. So, Plz help me. Win 7.jpg

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