Problem With Restarts/Booting PC/Desktop

Erm not sure how to word this problem, The best i can describe it as is a crash.
I upgraded my PC from windows XP to windows 7. The new install went fine how ever, About half the time i restart the PC or Boot up from new it loads up to the Desktop and thats it. I dont get a windows Toolbar, I dont get any icons, However i do get my Mouse curser, I can still right click and create New icons but cant see the existing icons. And cant access Customise Desktop or anything.

Normally just shutting down the PC and reloading sorts it, How ever, whenever my Moniter goes to "sleep" the problem accurs, Not sure if the PC is Restarting itself or just causing this "Crash"

If anyone has had this or a similar Problem, Or knows how to fix it, please inform me.

Hello and welcome.

Disconnect any second monitor and/tv and reboot a few times. Reconnect it later on and the problem should resolve.

Basically, the desktop is on the other monitor or tv.

Or also, make sure that your "main" monitor is set as such in the Screen Resolution settings screen. Right click the desktop to get to it.

I dont have a second Moniter or TV connected, but i shall try anyways. thanks.

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