problem with router on win7 x64 need help..

hello everyone! I'm having some problems with my router , l use a bloody modem to connect to the internet but l'm fine with that the problem is that l got a new modem with WIFI its called HUAWEI HG520 and l cofigured it to a router and l could connect fine with wireless like with my IPOD touch or labop and on windows XP l could connect normally on my pc but on win 7 x64 l cant its like l dont even have internet and when l tried to add a new connection the windows couldn't ''find'' the router the list stayed empty , l really need some help mates!
ps the router is connected to the pc with the lan wire normally!

Sounds like you do not have the Network Interface Card Driver for win 7 64 installed. Take a look in system devices and see if there are any yellow ! in there.

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Like bazcor said check device manger for yellow !'s. and just for the heck of it, go to your wireless card in device manager and do an update driver and let windows search for a driver, it may find an updated driver from windows update.

Also, is this a desktop or a laptop. If its a laptop there is either a switch or a keystroke, using the blue fn key, do enable and disable wireless.

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