Windows 7 Problem with storage devices.


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Jan 13, 2012
I've done a search and found plenty of posts where a harddrive is no longer shown under My Computer. My problem is that it is all of my hard drives won't show in My Computer.

So this tells me it's probably not all of the power/sata cables all at once.

When I restart my PC they reappear sometimes for a while and sometimes for a few minutes and then they don't show up anymore.

I went to disc management and they all show up.

I am running Windows 7 64bit. The PC is not a new setup and has been running for a couple years. I added a couple hard drives a few months ago but nothing else new. I have a couple network Buffalo HD's that store images of my local drives through Norton Ghost.

Try a system restore to some point which predates the onset of the problem. If that sorts it then monitor and system updates, hardware or software changes.

Possibly with the addition of the Network drives and Ghost, the system is being confused and not able to hang on to the drive letters.

Do you know how Ghost is set up to see the Network Drives? Are the drives mapped to your system?