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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by esnedor, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Im havingt problems with the resolution on my windows 7. I can only choose between to options 800x600 and 1028x768 what i want is 1368x768 i have tried looking for others in the advanced options but none of them are good. I have also tried changing it in the windows registry by going to HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG > CurrentControlSet > Control > VIDEO > 0000 > Mon12345678 and changing the releative x and y and the deafults x and y to the resolution that i want restarded my computer but it did not work i also tried making a complete system restore but it did not work either. I have linux mint installed as a dualboot and the screen res is fine there so theres nothing wrong with my computer screen. What should i do? if update to windows 8 will it work? i don't wanna buy it unless i know for sure. Please Help Thanks
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    Check for updates for your grahics card. Changing operating system should not be a problem unless you have a very old or obscure graphics card.

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