Problem with uploading while downloading

[lang=es]He instalado el windows 7 porke tenia un problema con un programa, y ahora tengo un problema bastante mayor, ke me afecta las descargas...

Cuando intento descargar algo, me sube el "upload(UL)" junto con el "download(DL)".a una cifra mas o menos equivalente...

he probado 2 versiones distintas de windows 7, las dos 64 bits, debido a mis 4gb de ram...

si bajo a 1.5mb/s subo a 45k, si bajo a 500kb , subo a 20kb, y asi...

me pasa con cualkier medio de descarga, da igual ke sea un video de youtube, a un archivo bajado con el jdownloader.

alguien sabe a que es debido?[/lang]

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Hello and welcome to the forums.
I'm not sure what is going on presently with the auto translate feature of the website, but unfortunately I'm unable to understand your question. I even resorted to a third party translation software which produced the following;
I installed windows 7 pork had a problem with a program, and now I have a fairly major problem, ke affects me downloads...
When I try to download something, upload me "upload (UL)" together with the "download (DL)".at a more or less equivalent figure...
I tried 2 different versions of windows 7, the two 64-bit, due to my 4 gb of ram...
If under a 1.5mb/s upload 45 k, if lower than 500 kb, upload to 20 kb, and so...
I passed with cualkier average download, gives equal ke is a video of youtube to a file downloaded with the jdownloader.
does anyone know is due?
It would seem, based on the title of your post that the issue is with speeds associated with simultaneous uploads and downloads.
This could be a problem based on your various network components (Network Interface Card, Switch Port, Hub, etc.) ability to properly negotiate both speed and duplex. Ideally you would want all components using full duplex (simultaneous bi-directional communication). In some cases bad drivers can result in poor autonegotiation and as a consequence you end up with 100 half or even worse 1000 half (which is not even suppose to be an option according to the Gig-E standard specs). Without actually knowing what components are in place on your network I'm unable to advise as to how to proceed except to say that you can of course manually edit the properties of your NIC to fix a speed and duplex and test the performance. If you have a switch in place then I would suspect that 100 full might be a place to start. If you have a hub, then you can pretty much forget about full duplex and if you have a Gig-E network end to end capable NIC, Switch and cable then you might try setting the card to 1000 full.
I hope at least this helps some.

The UL and DL speeds have nothing to do with the OS you are running on your computer.
Moreover, I do not see how installing W7 would "solve a problem with a program". But anyway this is your choice.
As far as your question is concerned, try to avoid doing UL and DL at the same time, and choose off working hours for UL, it will go much faster. Working hours are of course internet working hours, not people ones :)
For example, when I need to do heavy upload to my WEB site, I choose Sunday morning. Very fast indeed...

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