Windows 7 Problem with visual studio 2005


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WHen I try to install visual studio 2005 in windows it doesn't allow me to do it , Can someone help me with it?
Is it a trial or full version?

I have Visual Basic 6 installed on my XP machine and it works well.
I'm having a similar problem. The update to SP1 of Visual Studio 2005 will not install. Has anyone been able to resolve this?
I could not install Visual Studio 2005 in Windows 7 RC. With the Beta it worked fine.

The installation program says:

Some components must be installed in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\ directory. Check that you have write permissions and enough space in that directory.

60 GB free disk space, and elevated installation...
I tried installing in a user created directory also. Didn't work either.

I did install VS 2008 first.
It appears all components of Visual Studio 8 were not removed.

I always use this freeware uninstaller

It runs the programs uninstaller first, then continues on and detects leftover file and registry entries and allows you to delete them as well.

You can download it here:
Cant install Visual Studio 2005 on Win7

I am getting strDepCheckFlag is undefined , line 90 char 4
When I try installing VS 2005 on Win 7 build 7100......

Anyone out there know whats going on here?:mad: