Problem with windows 7 after fixing the BSOD

i have fixed the problem with BSOD but instead sometimes i have another problem. the old problem was the BSOD here and u help me out to fix it but after that sometimes when i have turn on my computer just after the windows log in stay for a little moments and he get restarted and this happens only when the pc comes after a long time of innactivity for example in the morning. After the restart evertything is fine but i repeat this not happened every time , sometimes i don't know what the problem is and what should cause this problem but maybe u can help me out to solve this problem. i can run games do everything that i want even to restart the computer after doesn't happen nothing everything it's ok but sometimes i repeat after a long time of innactivity after a few minutes he get restarted but not every time. I have installed the registry booster and i haved run it and fixed the registry errors. pls... help me to solve this problem and what should cause it. i'll wait for an answer as soon as possible . :D

Then next day came, I turned on my pc and It booted w/out a hitch and went straight to my desktop. No less than 15min later it RESTARTED by itself and I was welcomed with a Windows recovery error, windows was not shut down properly or something like that. Then there was an option on whether to start windows 7 on safe mode w/ or w/out network or start windows 7 normally. So I chose Start windows 7 normally and it lead me back to my desktop. I didnt give much mind to it since I probably thought it was just a random crash since I havent updated windows 7.

So I did update windows 7 automatically but for some reason it didnt help. My computer RESTARTS AFTER ITS 1ST BOOT! And the weird thing is, it only happens once every single day! And after that, its fine. No crashes all throughout the day. But the random RESTART happens every single day when we 1st turn on the computer. Its like its a part of the process! and I am always greeted by the System recovery error, windows was not shut down properly but I know for a fact that I always shut down the computer properly. There are no log of error that Im seeing. I havent seen the BSOD also, so Im not sure whats the cause of that.

can somebody help me with that plss... as soon as possible i'll wait for an answer to fix this out. the pc works great just that sometimes bother me and that it's came when i started the pc after a long time of inactivity and after 1st boot , just after few minutes he restarts for no reason and without getting an error message. after the pc works great without restarting or something like that. even if i restart the pc manually nothing happen after. evertything works fine and no BSOD problem. i'll wait for your answers to solve it out as soon as possible.


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Without an error message, nor as you report anything apparent in event viewer logs that might suggest a potential issue nor any Blue Screen messages or new dump files to analyze. I'm not sure what we might suggest to help.
Normal trouble shooting would suggest checking the power supply and its' connections to the motherboard.
Replacing the CMOS battery
Resetting the system bios to performance defaults
Determine your memory manufacturer and type and using there specs to make sure they are set properly in the bios.
Removing and re-seating all add on cards including memory.
Run system file checker by launching an elevated command prompt and typing sfc /SCANNOW
Multiple passes with a defrag utility, built in and third party
Use the Check Disk Utility, again command prompt type chkdsk c: /r
Download, install and update Spybot Search and Destroy as well as Malwarebytes and reboot in safe mode and run full scans removing anything found.
Uninstall any motherboard utilities that you may have installed from the MoBo Disc.
But since the problem seems to only present once a day after the computer has been cold for a while I really don't suspect any of that will do much good. So, the next time the computer is shut down for a long time, when you boot the machine for the first time of the day, trying using the F8 key to bring up the boot option menu and select safemode and see if the problem is still present when you boot it with the safemode option.


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After a computer is turned off for a period of time the actual temperature of the system is dictated by the ambient air conditions in the room that it is in.
When you turn on the computer, the temperatures of all the components begin to rise and as a consequence begin to expand. As this expanding takes place, any part of the computer which has any type of flaw may fail briefly or completely. This can include virtually any component in the system, from the power supply to the smallest of motherboard tracings including all solder joints.
It seems, and this is only a guess, that once your computer gets past this critical warm-up event, that whatever component is having the problem reaches a temperature that permits the connection or contact to re-develop and allows the computer to continue to operate without error. I suspect that that is why all subsequent reboots (warm boots) do not produce the problem. Such a problem is difficult to diagnose and would require the exchanging of multiple components starting with the power supply, one at a time until the problem is resolved.
The bad news is, whatever the problem component, it will likely fail completely sometime in the not to distant future. The good news is, at that time it may be easier to identify the faulting component.
Best Wishes and Good Luck

before re-installing the windows 7 again the computer don't have any problem. i had an XP installed a period on him and i didn't get any error. This is first time when this happens in windows 7. this windows is installed a month ago something like that. in the past week he made this errors with BSOD and after that this problem. I don't think it's from a component of my pc the problem. wait for an opinion back. i will verify this tomorrow morning as u say in the post and i will let u know.


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OK, that's fine. Basically all I'm trying to do is offer some ideas as to what might be happening and with practically nothing to work from, I'm only left with my best guess.
You may benefit by taking some time to fill out your computer specs in your profile, sometimes members have specific information regarding specific pieces of hardware and associated problems they may have experienced. Sort of like, "Oh yah, I had that same motherboard and it was doing the same thing to me and this is what I did to resolve it". You never know what help might come your way. Right now, I'm not sure of what type of PC we're talking about or what type of components you have installed or external peripherals you may have attached. I'm not even sure if we're talking about a desktop or a laptop. Any information may help someone help you further.

Use the Check Disk Utility, again command prompt type chkdsk c: /r
That and definitely uninstall Daemon Tools normally. Then use the uninstaller/installer found at the following link to remove (not update) sptd.sys from the system.

DuplexSecure - Downloads

Reboot and install PowerISO to replace it. The disc emulation part of the software is free forever and perfectly stable:

PowerISO - Create, Edit, Compress, Encrypt, Split, Mount, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter, Virtual Drive

Then update your NVIDIA nForce (not GeForce) chipset drivers version for your motherboard from here:

nvm62x32 nvm62x32.sys Fri Oct 17 17:00:39 2008

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thanks for your support and for help. i have installed a fresh copy of windows 7 again. until now nothing happend. everything works fine. again thanks for your help.

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