Problem with Windows 7 Basic Theme?

Hello..!!! I have notice that Windows 7 Basic theme get down my computer.. What i mean? I mean that when i choose Windows 7 Basic theme, my computer become slower and have slower respond.. What can i do?? Please help because i like very much basic theme..

Thank you in advanced.. :cool:

Sorry for my english.. :(

P.s: If i posted in wrong section, moderators can move this thread..


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It should become faster without all the Aero effect.

Is there a reason you chose the Basic Theme?


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Hi John,
just a few questions..
Did you upgrade or do a clean install?

Are all your drivers the latest versions?

Do you run your machine with any security apps like AVG for example?


I choose the basic theme because i like with.. :) Weird,hah??


I did clean installation. My machine has the latest drivers and i "run" Avast Pro as security app.. In past, i had AVG 8.0 Free, but now i have Avast Pro..


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Go back to the Windows 7 Aero scheme (The one which looks like the basic), and see if your speed is back up. If so, I can guide you through a fix, if you really need that basic theme.

With aero themes, the computer is more faster.. I can understand that..!!

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