Problem with Windows 7 Media Center


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I have installed the professional version, but when I click on Windows Media Center a black screen appears. How do I solve this?


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I have an Eizo 24 inch WS and my graphics card is a Matrox Parhelia with 256 MB


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No, there were no installation problems. I use a self built state of the art computer and the complete installation was done in 18 minutes. When I look into what is on the computer, Windows Media Center is shown there as a program.
I am tempted to re do another clean install, but hate to go through all the polishing up and re instaling my software.
I have also tried to do a computer repair, but this is not easy to carry out as my W7 disc is an OEM version and there is no free support from MS


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The problem occurs in both windows. As a matter of interest, everything else on my pc works perfectly and very fast


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Have you tried turning off Aero?

What type of connection do you have to the monitor?

It sounds like the mode is changing and is not being recognized by the monitor.

Media Center Hangs

have you looked at the event logs for any errors or warnings? Try letting media center go for several minutes and see if any error messages pop up or entries get written to the event logs.

Look here for a possible fix. Your not the only one having this issue.
Windows 7 Media Center - Black screen! - Windows 7 Forums

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