Problem with windows 7 (slow full screen videos and games)

Hi, im new here, I have just looked for posts that would solve my problem but found nothing.

I got a nice computer (hardware listed below), I used to use windows XP, I could do anything without any problem.
I installed Windows 7 yesterday and thats where my problems started, now I can't even play League of legends which i used to play on 60fps, now it runs on 3fps, watch videos on youtube on full screen also goes laggy, sound messed up and video on a low fps(I have no problems with videos in my HD nor youtube videos not full screen), it made me think it could be my internet connection, but I download torrents full speed.

I hope someone can help me.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 (2.66GHz)
RAM: 4GB DDR2 800MHz
Graphic card: NVidia 9500GT 512mb
Windows 7 32bits
250GB HD Seagate SATAII

Edit: All my drivers are up to date.

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What does your Windows Experience Index show?

If you haven't run it or want to run it again, type Experience -- in the search box on the start menu and select "Check the Windows Experience Index".

If that doesn't show any deficiencies, there are a couple of troubleshooters in the Control Panel - Troubleshooting.

Since you say your drivers are up to date, which ones are you using for your video card.

Windows experience shows:
Processor: 7.2
RAM: 7.2
Graphicals elements: 5.9
Graphicals for games: 5.7
Primary HD: 5.9

(Sorry if i translated anything wrong)

I have run all the troubleshooters in the control panel, none accused any deficiency.
My driver version is 280.26 [SUP]WHQL[/SUP]
downloaded from nvidia: NVIDIA DRIVERS 280.26 WHQL


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What I wanted is to make sure you had run the evaluation, since it effects how Windows treats your video.

My system that has an onboard graphics seems to be close to your readouts, and the driver you are running, as you stated, is up to date.

So what else might it be? If for some reason you were running different codecs, might effect the performance. The fact the Windows 7 drivers were not good for you card would certainly mess up your system...

I can't remember which ones, but some Nvidia cards seemed to have problems with Windows 7 just after the release, but by now, certainly this was corrected. But you might check to see if you can find anything about Windows 7 and your particular card.

Do you have another card you can substitute for your current one for testing?

Have you tried lowering the graphics requirements to see if you can get the frame rate up?

I suppose also, League of Legends may have an update for Windows 7 or may just have problems with it.

Windows 7 and Vista put more load on the Video processor. Turning off the Aero may help your situation.

I have tried 4 different graphic card driver versions, including the one nvidia says league of legends should run ok.

I haven't changed any codec configurations.

I have already tried lowering the grapicks requirements, but the performance stills bad.

I looked for any update for League of Legends in the Windows 7 and got nothing.

I am going to ask a friend a graphic card today, gonna try it.
I have seen worse graphic cards running League of Legends on Windows 7 without any problem, but I am gonna try turning Aero off for sure.

Thanks for the help so far.

Edit: Turning off Aero didn't help. Gonna try another graphic card in the next hours.

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