Windows 7 Problem with windows explorer


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Hi, everybody.
I'm new in here and i didn't know where exactly post it. Sorry.

I'm using windows 7 since first pre-beta version that i found in torrents. Currently i'm using windows 7 build 7022.

Here's list of my problems:
1. About 2 hours using it becomes very slow an the only way to solve - restart;
2. Sometimes i can't type anything in start menu search box, when i tray to, start menu closes;
3. Main problem - when working in safe mode, everithing is great, no errors, no bugs, but when in normal mode - windows explorer isn't working properly. Any folder i open, it shows empty/blank or whatever you say -

What else. Has someone figured out how to make fully diferent vs's than the default ones? I did everything the same as in vista, but it seem like only wallpaper and windows color changes :( .

I'm Latvian, only 15 years old, so - i'm sorry if there are any mistakes in my post.

Waiting for help...
Thanks :)

What else.
I remeberd that i tried to change .msstyle, i'm not sure, but maybe this is causing my problem with windows explorer? So, how do i restore it to original?
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uh ... either a virus or just corruption. if you burned windows7 to disc boot from disc and use the repair options the disc gives you and see if that helps.
Oukey, i'll try that, but... with xp it vas easier to repair :D because it rewrited all system files, especially corrupted ones, but in windows 7 it is not so easy, because it seems that i have no restore points and i think startup repair won't help with this... :(

And... i'm not so smart in cmd...

I tried to repair, bot nothing changed. When i stop themes service everything is ok, so i think that i have problem with my aero.msstyle file. Where/how do i can get the original one? (win 7 build 7022)

Can i ask you(somebody) to send me a copy of original aero.msstyle from win7 build 7022?
Via skype or e-mail?
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yeah i havt this probolem aswell... so u think its the theme.. Shall try replace that and see what happens. If it works i'll try post the file here or something for you
So, Jefins, do you need that file, or not, `cos you don`t have an email address....
Where to send that file you ask for ?